Ped & Eggy's Times 1998

Social Scene


Beginning with Easter we had brunch here at our home with friends and family. Sandra , Bill, Glenda, Joe, Noreen, Oscar, my Mom, Dad, Vicki, Bob, Alison, Audrey, Jean and Joe. We had a great time.

We enjoy spending time with people we care about.


After Easter we visited with Ed’s Aunt Clara her Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and a special visit from Cousins Donna and Sister Chabanel. That evening we didn’t miss attending church. We hope we earned extra points with the man up stairs sitting with "Sister Chabanel".


Thanksgiving, we were thankful to have Ed’s Aunt Eleanor from Ohio visiting. We gathered at Cousin Janet’s home for a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner. We were pleased Aunt Eleanor could stay in our "new" guest room for four days. Saturday we saw "A Christmas Carol" (hint!) and loved it. On Sunday we had a terrific brunch hosted by Aunt Eleanor at the Hilton Hotel with the whole family.

This Christmas we are grateful my Grandmother is visiting from Oklahoma. I am looking forward to her visit and especially spending Christmas with Grandma!


Peggy’s Life Inside Stories

Ed and I continue to grow a strong relationship. He is truly the best thing in my life! Well, second thought maybe my new kitten Isla (pronounced E-la). She is a Manx (she has no tail) and her markings are tabby on the back side and white on the underside. Her hind legs are long and hops like a bunny. Manx cats are known as the "Dog Like Cat". She’s supposed to like water and learn to fetch. I’m not convinced so far, it takes two of us to bathe her. We hope fetching comes easier.

On the baby topic we continue to plug along with lots of interventions. In March I had surgery which showed level 1 endometriosis and ovulation only occurring on my right side. I then was referred to the Infertility Doctors who have successfully helped my other ovary to ovulate. But, that wasn’t getting the job done, so we moved on to an injectable drug. Ed is now my private nurse and gives shots very well. Just when I was feeling I no longer had grade A eggs, we got pregnant. Unfortunately it didn’t make it to the sixth week. I do feel a lot better about my eggs and have regained hope for a baby in the future.

St. Joseph Hospital continues to be a good job. I really enjoy the people I work with. It is great to be associated with a hospital with such strong ethics.


I hope you all enjoy the Holidays and have a Great New Year!


Ed’s Life Inside Stories

Well, slow year on the scuba and fishing side with all the baby making and home improvements.

Peg’s covered the baby making news pretty well, my only comments are nobody ever told me that making a baby included such things as giving your wife shots in the butt. And here’s the question I want answered: why the hell do specimen cups have sharp edges? (Must have been designed by masochists!)

The home improvements started last year were going along nicely until our tenants moved out of the rental and we had to spend an extremely long month fixing the place up. That burned us out and slowed the pace until the late summer, when we jammed and finished the master bedroom and created the guest (baby?) room.

We’re down to the kitchen now, and my office. The kitchen should get nearly done over the holidays, and the office can wait till spring.

Did some fishing, not much to speak of, did a lobster dive, but struck out. We did spend our vacation week and some great weekends at the island, and hope for more time next summer.


Ed’s Business News

Keyword this year: busy! I kept very busy with the introduction of a new product in August. The new product is pretty cool. I mentioned it last year. We have patients go get a CAT scan. A CAT scanner is basically a computer controlled x-ray machine. We take the data from it and then we reconstruct the bone inside the computer. This helps the oral surgeon decide where he is going to place a dental implant. Then, (this is really coo!) the computer model can be fabricated out of plastic. Far out stuff!

Our other products keep rolling along, and I’ll be spending the first half of the year adding features to them.

Oh yeah, be sure to get our new internet address. Our website can now be found at, and I can reached at and Peggy can be reached at (Note: do not email to the exact address, you have to remove the letters that say "takethispartout.") We invite any Chmiel’s getting this letter to build their own site to place along with ours. And, for all you who have email and haven’t written: DO IT!



Spike Chmiel (The big fat white cat). Spike became very ill with an enlarged heart. He slowed down to a crawl, and finally couldn’t get up. Poor guy, and poor Peg, who had to deal with the euthanasia while Ed was at a trade show. We miss the lovey dovey cat that he was. Spike is survived by his sister, Kascha, who is doing fine except for her extreme dislike of the new kitty.