Here's some photos from Ed's birthday, Aug 2, 1998 at Two Harbors at Catalina Island.

edbdaydinner98.jpg (51243 bytes) Here we all are at the birthday dinner, on the beach. Left to right, Alex, Claudia, Jerry, Joe, Tracey, and Ed (the birthday boy himself).

We ate freshly caught albacore tuna. Yum!

We always have WAY too much food, but hey, why not!

Here's some action from the day before. Captain Ron brought over his gasoline powered blender for us see. Honest, its a leaf blower motor! It makes one heck of a Buffalo Milk!

For those who don't know, a buffalo milk is a Two Harbors, Catalina Island speciality made from milk, creme de cocao, vodka (lots of it!), creme de banana, banana, ice and other things I don't really remember. After a couple of these, its hard to remember anything!

Blenderman98.jpg (39158 bytes)
EdBDayBanning98.jpg (33728 bytes) Here we (Peg and Ed) are at the top of the Banning Hill at Two Harbors. We went to happy house at the Banning House, a bed and breakfast. As you can see, it has a spectacular view!
On the way down from the Banning House. If you look at the two pictures, you'll see why its called Two Harbors. The top photo is looking West at the back side of the island, while this photo is looking east towards the mainland. I think that its clouds that you see, not land. Its about 20 miles to the closest point of land from here.


Do we look happy?

EdBDayWalk98.jpg (58044 bytes)

One thing both Peg and I will remember is the rough trip in both directions. We came over late Friday into a lots of waves, and Ed got real wet while Peggy hid below. Then, on the return, early am Monday, the fog was very intense and scary. Next boat needs radar!


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