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1995 Chmiel Family News

Wedding a Success!

The wedding of the century went off with nary a problem. Both Ed and Peggy sweated bullets in the weeks before the wedding as it rained like crazy. (It never rains in California???) It was one of the worst winters in history for California.

But, as miracles go, and as our lucky couple is, the sky cleared just two days before the wedding. It was glorious! The plans came together, and then, Ed and Peggy were married. After a wonderful ceremony, the couple and 65 friends and relatives partied at Newport Landing. Then, the very next day, Ed and Peg took to the skies.

They flew into Auckland, New Zealand, arriving the very same day. (Weird, huh?) For the sake of brevity, the couple stayed in New Zealand for about two weeks. Ed caught a 65 pound yellowtail which the couple ate every day (almost). They camped, drove, scuba dove, took pictures, ‘tramped’ (that’s what they call hiking) all over the place.

Finally, they flew to Sydney, Australia for some R&R. Staying at the palatial Renaissance Downtown Hotel, they toured that wonderful city.Next, they flew to Cairns, Australia to begin the serious scuba diving part of the trip. After a night there, they boarded the SuperSport live-aboard dive ship. It’s almost like being on a cruise, except the ship is set up for scuba diving. And dive they did! The Great Barrier Reef is something to behold. Unfortunately, the couple picked the time of year when cyclones occur, and had to endure rough seas and high winds. However, the intrepid couple, used to big waves, had no trouble enjoying themselves in spite of the terrible weather. Later they came ashore for another couple of days of R&R - this time it was white water river rafting. After that, they boarded the WaterSport ship for a two day dive on a spectacular wreck known as the Yongala. Unreal and beautiful, and full of life it was!Finally, after a couple of days on a deserted Australian beach, the couple flew back home after a month of travel. As to going back, Ed was heard to say "This sucks - I want to stay longer!"

Peggy's News

1995 has been a great year. Married life is better than imagined. Our marriage started out magical, the sun was shinning. Yes, Ed married a true native Californian, planning an outdoor wedding in February. I sure was nervous when it poured down rain for three weeks solid before the wedding. I guess I was really testing the California reputation, "it never rains in California". I certainly did not learn any lesson from the year prior when it started to rain in October after taking off our roof. Oh well, this winter it has been very dry and we wish it would rain so we could go skiing locally. Probably if we plan some big event then it will rain. Maybe we should start that addition?

Speaking of additions Ed and I have been thinking about expanding our family as well as our house. My grandmother has made hints she would like a great grandchild. I think mom and dad would also enjoy spending time with a grand baby. Ed and I say our baby has to be born with a snorkle in it’s mouth and be sea worthy. Keep in tune next year, hope to have good news.

My family lives close by, just a few miles away. Mom and Dad are doing well they are both retired enjoying the good life. They have become like two peas in a pod, doing everything together. My sister Vicki is doing great studying Ultra Sound Technology at Orange Coast College. She is making all her other classmates work hard to get good grades. Some teachers grade on a curve and Vicki has set the curve which makes an A quite a challenge.

Work at UCI Medical Center in Recovery Room has been a great change. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. Ed still notices a big difference in my personality.

I really hope you enjoy our news letter and our Christmas card Ed and I created. You might need a magnifying glass to see the pictures on the card. Ed and I had a lot of fun making them. It is amazing to look back at all the pictures and see how much we’ve done this past year. We sure have had a lot of fun.

I guess I’ll sign off for now. Hope everyone has a great up coming year and happy holidays.

Ed's News

What a great year it has been compared to last year’s emotionally tolling one. The wonderful honeymoon, and life with Peg has been "berry berry goot to me".

Of course, the diving story was a good one. What could be better than diving on the Great Barrier Reef? Diving off Catalina was very good also, though I had trouble getting fish this year. I think its due to the fact that Peg is still pretty new to the sport. Anyway, it doesn’t matter as it sure is nice down there! I also was able to score a couple of very nice lobsters in October, along with some huge scallops.

The topside fishing scene was very good if you count the yellowtail in New Zealand. There was lots of barracuda locally, and some bass and other fish.We did a shark tournament, and caught two small mako sharks, but they were too small. We did have a lot of fun, and the weather was great for that. We caught some larger sharks that didn’t count, and let them all go.We also did a halibut tournament, but this year we had trouble catching legal sized fish (we have trouble every year!).

Peg and I took an introductory sailing class, in preparation of our retirement. It was fun, but I’m not yet ready to give up the powerboat!

Boating - Scuba Due Does!

Well, as reported last year, Ed and Peggy purchased a new boat. After a year of ownership, the couple is still very pleased. After numerous trips to Catalina and San Diego, the two felt that they had some real fun and adventure. Lots of fishing, diving, and just plain hanging out!

Scuba Diving

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