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Max visits Meteor Crater in Arizona. This is a view from the crater to the desert. 123-2332_IMG.JPG (397031 bytes)
123-2338_IMG.JPG (731880 bytes) Max's first swim in a pool at the Holiday Inn Express in Sedona, Az.
The Chmiel's view the sunset on the red rocks of Sedona. 123-2367_IMG.JPG (522104 bytes)
124-2437_IMG.JPG (639348 bytes) Max's first Halloween. We visited a pumpkin patch.
He really wants pumpkin pie, but doesn't have the teeth yet! 124-2461_IMG.JPG (1141614 bytes)
124-2443_IMG.JPG (1053988 bytes) Daddy and Max at the patch.
Mommy with her perfect little pumpkin. 124-2438_IMG.JPG (854552 bytes)

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