Welcome, Maximilian Edward Chmiel!

Max was born June 20, 2002 at 7:03 pm. He was weighed in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces. He was measured at 19 inches. He is an absolutely beautiful baby boy, as you can see in the pictures.

Max was born in the Watsonville Community Hospital in Watsonville, California, south of San Francisco, and very near Santa Cruz. Ed and Peg got the call that day, and motored up to the area, not knowing exactly what was going on with the birthmother. However, about 8pm, while on the way, the call came that Max was born. We got to visit him late that night, and with Peg being an RN, they released him early on Friday, June 21. We decided to run back home and get him settled in to our house. To the parent's relief, the State of California has already acknowledged the finalization of the adoption.

Of course, Max gets his own web site, and so without further ado, are the "best of" photos. Can't do them all, even you high speed people would take a long time to download them!

We've combined Jackie and Max photos, so to see newest photos, click here:

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True Blue Max Story

This is an absolutely true story that happened to me and Max on Sunday (Aug 17, 2003). Keep in mind that Max is 13 months and not talking yet.

Mom was working, so Dad was entertaining Max by reading to him. We were reading a book on animals, and on one of the pages, there was a Wolverine. I pointed to it, and said, "Max, there's a wolverine! Do you remember your stuffed Wolverine from last football season?" I then hummed the Michigan fight song to him. Last year I bought him a stuffed Wolverine that played the fight song when you pressed its tail.

Well, then the phone rang, and I went to answer it. When I sat back down, lo and behold, Max had gone into his stuffed animals toy box, dug to the bottom of it and pulled out the Wolverine and was trying to get me to squeeze the tail. When I did, it played the fight song, and Max was grinning from ear to ear. Max had not seen that toy for at least 8 months as it got covered up by newer ones.

Now that's a true blue boy!!!!!!


133-3376_IMG.JPG (890502 bytes) This was Max's Birthday Photo. He was almost 12 months here, June 2003.
Max and Mom in Kauai. 131-3114_IMG.JPG (623684 bytes)
132-3204_IMG.JPG (516471 bytes) Max and grandparents in Kauai. We went there in May 2003.
It's official! Max is now a Chmiel! So says the judge on the right. 134-3450_IMG.JPG (595675 bytes)
135-3515_IMG.JPG (724048 bytes) Max's first pony ride.
SuperMax! 135-3505_IMG.JPG (648646 bytes)

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