Max Photos #3


Hi everybody! I'm cute aren't I ?!!?!?! 122-2285_IMG.JPG (490477 bytes)
122-2295_IMG.JPG (849864 bytes) Max playing with Dad.
I found my thumb to suck on. Sure helps because Mom and Dad keep loosing my pacifier, and this is attached. Tastes pretty good,  too! 122-2222_IMG.JPG (405993 bytes)
121-2182_IMG.JPG (731682 bytes) Max at Catalina Island. 
Deezel LOVES Max!!!!! 123-2310_IMG.JPG (535500 bytes)
122-2207_IMG.JPG (734980 bytes) Here's one of my God parents, Andrew.
Max hanging out with Aunti Vicki. 121-2191_IMG.JPG (526238 bytes)

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