Volume 11                        Ped & Eggy’s TIMES                          December 2005

Chmiels Invade Mexico!

Our big family event this year was a vacation to Ixtapa, Mexico. It’s about 200 miles north of Acapulco. We made an arrangement to stay at the Club Med there, which caters to young children such as ours. They offered babysitting all day long so we could go and relax or have fun. It was great, and the kids had as much fun as we did. There was sailing, kayaking, swimming and a nice beach, along with all the food and drink you wanted.


One of the highlights was the children’s show. All of the kids would get up on the stage and perform. Max’s group did a beach boys surfing skit, and Jackie’s group did a bubble and sea theme skit. But, to our great surprise, the main part of the show was a skit with one girl and one boy – and guess what? It was Max! It was an enactment of a song where the boy brings the girl gifts and they are refused until the end when he gives her a love note. It was SO CUTE to see our son as the star of the show!


Max’s Life Inside Stories (told by Daddy)

Wow – I think I like this preschool thing! I sure cried a lot at first, but now I really look forward to going. We learn so many things, and my teachers are so nice to me! They tell me that I have great manners too. We do some fun projects and other things.


Well, my big accomplishment happened when Mommy and Daddy threw away the diapers. Cold turkey!!! But now I use the potty quite well. I can’t imagine why I didn’t before, but Mommy and Daddy sure are happy about not having to change diapers anymore. I am proud of my little sister, too, she quit when I did. What a big girl!


I also got pretty good at swimming this summer. Mommy put me into swim school and I got a cool instructor who really helped me. We also went to Aunt Vickie’s pool a lot, and I was able to keep my head above water all by myself! I should be fully water qualified next year – I can’t wait to play fish all day long in the pool!


Jackie’s Life Inside Stories (told by Mommy)

It’s been great having my mommy all to myself when Max is in preschool.  My mom now calls me her “mommy magnet”, could someone write me and let me know what that means?  I think it’s good because she always says it with a smile on her face.


Next year I will be starting preschool, we visited one and I fit right in!  I’m looking forward to growing up.  I can already say my ABC’s, but mommy says there is a lot more to learn.  Hope you all have a great Christmas; our house is decorated with Snowmen if you have a chance come visit.



Peggy’s Life Inside Stories 

I have been fortunate this past year to work only two 12-hour shifts a week.  It has given me a lot of time with the kids.  I know I will never regret not working more.  With them being young it seems they grow every minute, and I just think it is so fascinating my time with them is so valuable.  They transform so quickly from little infants 100% dependent to toddlers and then “want to be” independent adolescents.  I think I’ll pick up some extra shifts at work during that last period, from what I’ve heard it makes toddler time small stuff.  I just know and pray that what I do for them today helps them tomorrow.


Hey, anyone interested in a great idea?  I think there is a need for a “Mommy shield”.  You know when you just want to be in your world, maybe just eating dinner without anyone hanging on you, or maybe read your emails?  I think star trek must have something like that.  Even if I could just beam myself somewhere for a short time, it would certainly make a difference.  I think that is the only thing I’m missing that would make this whole experience perfect!


Merry Christmas and may next year be brighter! 


Ed’s Life Inside Stories 

This year has just flown by. Watching the kids grow is such a fascinating experience. I am so fortunate to be such a large part of their lives during their early development. It certainly keeps you young chasing after them.


For those following our house saga, its been settled, and we are going to repair the foundation. It’s too soon yet to tell if we will be able to do much remodeling, but we sure hope to add on a second story bonus/game room since we have to move out anyway. Best time is now to give the kids some room for later! We’ll let you all know the new address.


Of course, the very sad news for us is that we are selling the boat. As of this writing, we’ve accepted an offer, and baring any strange problems, the boat will be sold this year. But the truth is that it was not being used enough for what it costs to keep such a boat. Not to mention the speed factor. Strangely enough, Jackie is the speed demon and likes to go fast. Max is showing a big interest in fishing. So that translates to a different kind of boat. I’ll be looking at various types of boats, and most likely it will be something that will live on a trailer. When our house stuff is done, I hope to have a nice driveway area to keep it.


Business wise, things keep chugging along. Lots of things are said about Kodak and its transition into the digital age, but our subsidiary is doing quite well, and they seem to leave us alone to do what we do best. The same can be said for me, my bosses pretty much leave me alone to do what I do best, and that’s quite fine with me!




Thankfully, none to report.