Volume 7                        Ped & Eggy’s TIMES                          December 2001

Boating Scene


The boat, “Knot Kidding” has been great. Peg and I really enjoy having a place to get away, and it is so close, yet it seems far away from our home.  We took her on a long voyage up to the Channel Islands in October. The Channel Islands are a chain of islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, about 100 miles from Huntington Beach. It was quite an adventure! Traveling overnight, we stayed for a few days at Santa Cruz Island. There are no facilities there, or at any of those islands. After battling the infamously bad weather, we ended up spending a few days in Channel Islands Harbor. Acting more like yachtsmen, we enjoyed the restaurants, shops, and festivals for several days. We even wine tasted in the Santa Ynez valley outside Santa Barbara. Then we cruised over to our favorite island, Catalina, for the famous Buccaneer Ball, and adult costume party where everyone dresses like pirates. Many of our boating friends were there, and it was great fun. Much of the reason for leaving the Channel Islands had to do with the fact that our brand new generator stopped working. Turns out it was just a clogged filter since we stirred up a lot of sediment during the rough voyage up there. We’ll do it again because those islands are so beautiful and pristine.


Peggy’s Life Inside Stories 


I want to start out with the good news first.  Ed and I are going to complete our family!!!!!!  We have retained a lawyer to adopt a baby!!!!!!!  Yes, our family will be complete.  Sorry at this time I can’t exactly tell you when.                                            Hopefully soon, all we need is a birth mom.  So, keep your ears and eyes wide open for any one you may run into that is giving up their unborn child.  We can actually have them call our lawyer and work out the details.  We will certainly keep you posted:0)


I am continuing to work at St. Joseph and in April started working at UCI Medical Center for additional money.  The extra money has been put to good use.  We are hoping the boat expenses will slow down with all of Ed’s improvements done this year.  It is great he can almost do all the work himself.  We really enjoy the boat.  It will be perfect for a kid.  We have most of the same luxuries a home could provide.  In fact many people live aboard a boat like ours.  We plan to also live aboard someday.  My dream is while junior is still small.  We would travel North so Ed and I could both work.


January my Dad had a Radical Prostatectomy for Prostrate cancer.  The next morning he woke up with a stroke.  It was very scary for the whole family.  Thank God, he has recovered very well from his stroke and the cancer is gone!  Dad has had to go through a series of test to find out why he had a stroke.  Just the other day, Dad had a procedure to look at his heart.  It turns out that my Dad has a hole in his heart, which allows the blood clot to cross over and enter his brain.  The great news is they now can put a patch on the heart with a simple outpatient procedure.  The procedure just received FDA approval this year.  I am currently checking out where Dad will have this done.  Please keep him in your prayers as well as the doctors and nurses caring for him.


I can’t believe I almost forgot to talk to you about “Deezel”.  He is our 9 month old black lab.  He is the greatest.  I love coming home to him.  We got him when he was 7 ½ weeks old and the first weekend he spent on the boat.  Talk about potty confusion.  We are happy to say we no longer need to travel with a patch of sod on the bow of the boat.  But, Santa needs to bring us a crane to get him on and off.  He is a big 75 pounds already!  Just a little more…..  He won first, second and third prizes in a doggie yacht show contest.  At a young five months of age he competed against 40 other dogs of all ages.  He won 1st for best trick, 2nd for best in category and 3rd  best in show.  We were such proud parents.


Have a magical Christmas and may the New Year bring you and your family only the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               






Ed’s Life Inside Stories 




Well, repeat of 2000 (and 1999!) with another slow year on the scuba and fishing side. This year is was boat rather than home improvements. I have quickly learned a great deal about diesel motors and boat systems. But it is a hobby I truly enjoy a lot. Working with my hands instead of brain is good therapy.


Work has been very busy. I lost my only employee to other interests, and we haven’t been able to hire another in his place. With all the projects we have going, and we are starting a new one next year, sheesh! Really need that boat as a get away! But it is all good and fun stuff. I still find the work challenging and actually fun to do.


Peg and I are really looking forward to when we finally can resolve our baby issues. This adoption decision has been yet another journey. Any thought and prayers appreciated! 


And I am very happy to report another year gone by with a blank Obit column. Hang in there, folks!!!!!


And don’t forget to check in on the web site, www.chmiel.com. There’s some unforgettable comments from chmiel’s around the world, and a very detailed tale of the adventure up to the Channel Islands. Sea ya….