2004 Rose Bowl

Well, this story of course, ends in sadness for Michigan fans. As you may recall, Michigan was defeated by the USC Trojans, who went on to claim a share of the national title.

But we had a good time. Our original plan was to wait until near game time to get tickets to whatever team ended up at the Rose Bowl. At the time, USC was looking to go elsewhere, and some other team would be coming, which would make getting a ticket easy. But that plan went away when USC was to come to the Rose Bowl. Suddenly tickets became very hard to get.

However, Wayne Gray came through with some Alumni tickets. We were going! We were very excited since a game that might have meant not much meant a lot - we had a shot at the #1 team.

But as you know, not to be. We got soundly beat by USC. Not much can be said other than they certainly played up to par. There was hope, we weren't down by that much, but we couldn't keep up. I felt the key was their giant line on both sides. Navarre was pressed as we couldn't stop them from sacking, and the defense could not get to them at all.


Oh well, we had fun. Here's the photos. If you click the photo, you get the hi-res version that can be printed. (Rt click and then pick Save Picture as to store on your hard drive.)

028_25A.JPG (651371 bytes) The pregame party takes place on the golf course adjacent to the Rose Bowl. Here's Wayne tossing the football around. We took the mighty Suburban to hold all of us.
On the way into the stadium. 027_24A.JPG (499634 bytes)
026_23A.JPG (544888 bytes) At least our marching band kicked butt over SC's.
More pre-game band action 025_22A.JPG (546915 bytes)
024_21A.JPG (474901 bytes) This was cool. It was the entire crowd participating in a card stunt.
Stealth fighters fly over for the National Anthem. 023_20A.JPG (300962 bytes)
022_19A.JPG (361933 bytes) 021_18A.JPG (441633 bytes)
The team come onto the field. 020_17A.JPG (480346 bytes)
019_16A.JPG (521132 bytes) Dennis, Sean and Ed enjoy the game.
Sean, Ed and Wayne (and super fan in the back - but the hair was real! At least he was for M). 018_15A.JPG (557338 bytes)
017_14A.JPG (492079 bytes) Halftime.
Start of the 3rd quarter. 016_13A.JPG (407654 bytes)
015_12A.JPG (570956 bytes)  
Touchdown! 014_11A.JPG (600434 bytes)
013_10A.JPG (623691 bytes) 012_9A.JPG (586100 bytes)

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