1998 Rose Bowl

The cobwebs from the New Year's revelry got dusted off as soon as I managed to crawl out of bed and look outside. Dire predictions of rain and clouds yielded to a perfect sunrise over the Saddleback Mountains to the east. It NEVER rains on the Tournament of Roses!

After a quick breakfast at Sean's, the wrecking crew (Sean, Ed, Lalit, Katie, Arjun, Tommy Space (M people) and Tommy's friend Donna) headed out towards Pasadena about 10am. Unbelievably, we cruised right into the golf course parking lot after a beautiful no-traffic ride through the valleys of the 134-2-210 freeways.

Providing what seemed like a 10 course brunch, Sean's talent for food shined just like the 80 degree sun. Ooops, forgot the suntan lotion! We thought we could hear the sound of the U-Hauls starting in the Detroit suburbs. The sight of the San Gabrial Mountains standing guard over the Rose Bowl was magnificent.

Entering the stadium on the Washington State side, we found them to be very polite and of course, more numerous than the Michigan fans. As many of you know, the stadium always seems half-filled with Pac-10 fans, 1/3 of Michigan fans, and the rest with "civilians" from other places. We heard a fellow bought a ticket in the first quarter for $400. Not bad considering we heard as high as $1000 pre-game.

Anyway, the entrance couldn't compare to the Big House feeling I got at the Ohio State game, but the electricity was there, though a different kind. Sean and my seats were in the 1/3 civilian section, but we found plenty of Michigan supporters to help us cheer. The Michigan side, 10 yard line seats we a bit low. But, we were on the south side of the field, and got to watch two of the Michigan touchdowns up close and personal. The improvements to the Rose Bowl (new scoreboard, large TV) helped.

We all know the game details, and boo-hoo on WSU and their 2 seconds. Can you say "Fallen Leaf"? They of course should have never gotten that far - everyone in the world saw that blatant offensive pass interference. I suppose the officials were trying to "make up" for that completely humiliating blown call by ending the game so quickly. I did see the word "Colorado" flash through my mind, but I quickly erased that thought.

No wild fans rushing the field like at Michigan, but the after tailgate partying was great, though cold. Yes, it got quite cold when the sun set, but we celebrated with other Michigan National Champions while traffic cleared. Still polite WSU fans congratulated us, and we were grateful for not only the win, but the great game they gave us. Boy, all that pent-up frustration released in a hurry!

Great end to a Dream Season, Great Beginning for a New Year!

The pregame party takes place on the golf course adjacent to the Rose Bowl.Left to right, Lalit, Arjun, Katie, Donna, Tommy, and Sean. Of course, I'm the one taking the picture.
Michigan lines up deep in its own territory, right in front of us.
Halftime with the Meeeeechigan Marching Band.We blew away the WSU Band who sucked!
Another touchdown!
The result: a National Championship!!!!!!

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