Deezel's Page

Update: July 5, 2012

Sadly, Deezel suffered a very large tumor in his chest and had to be put down.

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Click here to see Deezel getting hoisted! (You'll need the Real Player to see this video))
Dad is trying to get Deezel to graduate from doggie school 109-0910_STC.JPG (519624 bytes)
110-1070_IMG.JPG (686599 bytes) Watch those claws! Deezel trying to escape from a lobster. (actually these are pacific lobster that we caught, no claws!)
Deezel at 5 months, already winning his first ribbon! 108-0814_IMG.JPG (893870 bytes)
107-0760_IMG.JPG (574915 bytes) He loves any kind of boat!
Isn't he just the cutest puppy! 103-0308_IMG.JPG (501981 bytes)
105-0507_IMG.JPG (993486 bytes)
He loves the beach. 106-0661_IMG.JPG (657533 bytes)
108-0852_IMG.JPG (530600 bytes) Here's Deezel on the front of our boat. He is totally the yacht dog!