Volume 9                        Ped & Eggy’s TIMES                          December 2003

Max’s Life Inside Stories (told by Daddy)

Hot! Hi! Duck! Touchdown! These are my favorite words. I am learning so many words. Soon I will be able to put them together and actually communicate. I can’t wait to tell Daddy and Mommy what I want. I am also very, very busy. I just can’t sit still. There are so many things to touch and climb on. What an interesting world!


My life changed when my sister got here. I love her very much, but she does take time away from Mommy and Daddy that used to be all mine. I do get a little jealous, but not much. I know someday soon we will be very close. I like to touch her, though I guess that I don’t have complete control and end up touching a little too hard. I don’t mean to, I just can’t help it yet!


I really love Mommy and Daddy, they have a lot of fun with me. They take me to fun classes like swimming and art. They also let me go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house where I get to go with Grandpa (papa) and feed the ducks.


Jackie’s Life Inside Stories (told by Mommy)

Once again our family has been blessed.  Heaven sent us a perfect baby girl, October 31, 2003.  She is truly our little “pumpkin” and we can really call her our little “Jack-o'-lantern”.   You can bet that every year the Chmiel’s will have a Halloween party!


Jackie is very much a little princess.  She wears pink well and it complements her skin color.  She has a very petite cry and gentle when taking her bottle.  She already shows patience with her brother.  Her eyes are beautiful almond shaped with eyelashes that touch her eyebrows!  Her eye color seems brown with a touch of green.  Her favorite thing to do is swing in her chair, sleep and eat.



Peggy’s Life Inside Stories 

The highlight of the year was completing our family!  We could not be happier.  The second child is definitely easier, (at least at this age).  I have a new appreciation for “Motherhood”.  In fact I will take this opportunity to thank my Mom, from the bottom of my heart, for everything she has ever done!  


We were fortunate to go on a family vacation this year.  My cousin, Kala’s wedding was held in Kaua’i.  So, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Vicki, Peg, Ed and Max, all went to Hawaii!  Kala’s wedding was so beautiful!  It was held at  N ‘Aina Kai Botanical Gardens.  The setting had life like sculptures nestled throughout some of the most lavish gardens. There was a lagoon and waterfall with a private beach, where the wedding ceremony took place.  A teak forest surrounded all of this.  Definitely, the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended.  We hope that Kala and Chris’s relationship lasts forever!


The vacation happened to be over Mother’s Day weekend, so you can say it was very special.  I had my first Mother’s Day, in Hawaii, celebrating with my Mother and family!  Ed started the morning with two poems.  I think the whole family had tears in their eyes.  Then we gathered for bunch with the wedding party, at a country club near Princeville Resort.  The rest of the day we went driving on the north shore, stopping to look at the secluded beaches with the crystal blue water!   Hum, I wish I were still there. 


 I’m looking forward to returning to work after the holidays.  My part time job is perfect.  I guess you can say, it resets the “Mommy patience” and I feel good that I participate financially to my family. 


In closing, I hope this holiday season is filled with warm memories and time spent with family and friends. 






Ed’s Life Inside Stories 

This year was a very busy year for me business wise. Earlier in the year we received an offer from the company whom was selling our software. The offer was was basically to purchase all the technology. As on of the conditions of sale, I would become a full time employee, and still be able to work at home though the company is located in Atlanta.


Shortly after all of that happened, I opened my morning’s email to find that the company, PracticeWorks, had been purchased by Kodak! It’s quite a departure for Kodak to purchase a dental software company. PW had just purchased some digital x-ray technology, which is of great interest to Kodak as they see their x-ray film business shrinking. So far, little has changed for me. I will have more paperwork, but as a subsidiary, we still keep our autonomy.


On the fun side, we got out to Catalina several times this summer on the boat. Max and Deezel love it. We do spend weekends on the boat, and we have moved the boat to a different part of Long Beach which is closer to home. Hawaii was also really fun for all of us.


And it was great to see Michigan beat MSU and OSU and end up in the Rose Bowl. I plan to attend.




Oscar Martinez (“Uncle Oscar”)  There are not enough positive words to describe my(Peg’s) “uncle”.  He was a very up beat, cheery guy with an awesome smile.  He had battled Leukemia for the past few years.  Despite his determined winning personality, he certainly gave it his all.  Towards the end he sought treatment from alternative medicine, determined to find a cure to save others.  We are saddened he is not here sharing our lives, but happy he is in a much better place!  We love you Oscar! 


Kitty Isla: Our little kitten Isla has been missing since early November. We can only assume the worst since we do see coyotes some times in the neighborhood. We will miss her always-sweet personality.