Volume 10                        Ped & Eggy’s TIMES                          December 2004

Chmiels Invade Washington State!

We took a super vacation to the San Juan Islands, about 3hrs north of Seattle, WA.  Being in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, it doesn’t rain that much. It takes about an hour and half drive to the ferry terminal, and then you take the ferry to the islands. They are almost on the US-Canada border. We stayed on the main island at a resort that had our cabin right on one of the three lakes. It was beautiful and we caught a lot of small fish and had campfires right off the back porch. There are two small towns, Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor that we explored and shopped. The boating would be pretty incredible up there, maybe someday we’ll either charter or bring our boat up for a summer.


Anyway, then we went to a less populated island and stayed at a beach house with our own beach and view of Vancouver, Canada. The beach was gravel, and full of large pieces of driftwood, and all kinds of interesting things! We visited a couple of harbors, and dreamed of boating in to them. Uncrowded even on Labor Day! The little towns on the islands were very quaint, and it’s neat to know you’re only a couple of hours from a major population center. After that we traveled to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to stay with our friends Glen and Virginia. We had a blast staying at their home and enjoying the 33 mile long lake on their boat. Max and their 3 y.o. Paul were the best of buddies and had fun together.


Finally, we stayed in Seattle itself and enjoyed a couple of nights in that beautiful city. We took in the museums, the market, took a Duck ride (amphibious craft) and even got a night to ourselves on the town.  Great vacation!


Max’s Life Inside Stories (told by Daddy)

Mommy, Daddy, tractor, dump truck and digger at the mall. Yes, I can tell many a story these days, and most of them are about construction equipment – of which I am an expert! I can say so many things now, and I am glad I can tell you what I am thinking – well, at least when I’m not throwing myself down on the floor and howling at the top of my lungs. I will pass through the terrible two’s pretty soon. I sure do like to get into stuff. But I am a good listener most of the time, very polite, and I am super well coordinated. It’s funny to watch other people jump to “save me” from falling somewhere while Daddy just smiles, knowing that I have excellent balance.  Perhaps someday I can play for my favorite football team, Michigan. I can identify the logo and the fight song, which makes my Daddy very happy!


Jackie’s Life Inside Stories (told by Mommy)

If she could talk this is what she would say.   I know exactly what I want and don’t want, stay clear when I’m walking.  I hope there are lots of people to wave and smile at today.  I just love the way people pay attention to me.  I hope Max is playful and not too bossy.  I look forward to my afternoon snuggle with Mommy and Daddy who puts me to bed at night.


Jackie is an angel, her little personality is in full force.  Once she began walking, she feels the freedom to express herself in many ways.  Including mini “temper tantrums”.  She still stops people with her sweet little giggle and her angelic personality.  She is happy most of the time, until she doesn’t want something, then watch out!  She is growing quickly into a little girl.  Her Halloween Birthday party was fun seeing adults and children dress up.  I think she will grow up thinking everyone just wants to celebrate her birthday.  She is a great “Jackie Lantern”!


Oh, just because I’m smaller than my brother, I manage to keep right on his tail!



Peggy’s Life Inside Stories 

Last year I settled into my “Mommy role” and love it!  Life is getting more challenging now that Jackie’s walking.  For the most part Max is a very loving brother.  We look forward to spending our days running at the parks close by our home, where there are not a lot of rules!  We are fortunate to have exceptional parks, everything from nature parks, lakes, groomed play areas, and our favorite, Irvine Regional Park.  At Irvine Regional Park we can go to the zoo, take a train and a pony ride all in one day!


I am still fortunate to work in a profession where I can work as little or as much as I want.  After our lovely vacation to the San Juan Islands, I decided one vacation a year just isn’t enough.  So, my work goals next year, take two vacations!  Sincerely, I just love having that quality time with our family.  Ed and I noticed a change in our children; they loved having the whole family 24-7.


Next year I really want to focus on my artistic side.  I am looking into purchasing a kiln for the kids to experiment with ceramics.  I would also love to take a photography class.  I really miss my creative out lets.    


In closing, I hope this holiday season brings you closer with family and friends.



Ed’s Life Inside Stories 

After the busy work stuff last year, this year was busy, but with keeping ahead of the children. Work at the big company settled in, and fortunately, I do not have to deal with much politics, I just do my job and everyone seems happy so far, especially me.


Boating was a bit slow again, but both kids love it. Very soon I think we won’t be able to keep them away. We had a unique weekend in Catalina Island in October, spanning three generations. Grandpa, Max and me went over for a long weekend and we had a great time together.


Finally, it was great to see Michigan end up in the Rose Bowl, now two years in a row. USC just plain beat us last year, and I plan to attend to hope and pray we can beat Cal (at press time Cal was the opponent).




Thankfully, none to report.