Volume 13                        Ped & Eggy, Jax & Mackie’s TIMES                          December 2007

Max’s Life Inside Stories (told by Daddy)

I was so excited to start kindergarten at the local elementary school. My teacher is the greatest. I get to be captain of the class when it’s my turn. I also get Magic Touch awards for good behavior. I’m making many new friends. It’s very cool that my school has one of the few Blue Ribbon awards in the area. I’m getting pretty good at reading and writing and math now.


I also enjoyed fall baseball. I was ready and really wanted to play. I learned how to field grounders and throw to first base. We had coach pitching, and I was able to get a few hits that way. I won a game ball one game for hustling several times for the ball. Why, even one of my teammate’s dad is an active pro player (free agent pitcher now). He was very helpful, and he even pitched to me and my Dad. I can’t wait for spring ball.


I am also continuing my gymnastics, and it’s really helping my co-ordination and balance. Its fun and I like it a lot too.


Jackie’s Life Inside Stories (told by Mommy)

I’m growing up fast, especially now that I go to preschool with out my brother.  I have many friends and my best friend is Gwenn.  But, when Gwenn and I get together and it’s time to leave we are crying, my Mom is still trying to figure out that one.


At School I completed my world map and can name the countries.  I am working on my numbers and write up to 100 and starting to count beads (that’s a Montessori thing). I am very articulate and beginning to read, like my brother.  Soon I’ll be going to the big kid school Arroyo!


I still enjoy gymnastics, dance and music.  Currently, we are practicing for our Christmas program.  Mom has been great all year she lets me listen to Christmas music.  So, I know the words!  I just love Christmas, have a merry one.  


Peggy’s Life Inside Stories 

What should I talk about first?


Oh, I know I went on a “girls” cruise!!!  Finally, alone…. No one asking or needing anything of me.  I even occupied the cabin all by myself!  It certainly was a strange feeling, leaving home with luggage saying goodbye to my family.  Trust me you know what I’ll be asking for from Santa!


With Max in public school he certainly sees things differently and has new ideas.  He has always liked wearing his hair short so that he can “spike” it, but I’m constantly struggling with him to put gel in or it just looks shabby.  So, recently he put gel in his hair.  It looked real good, so I complemented him and asked if after school he wanted to get his hair cut.  He looked at me and said “No, I want to grow my hair out to a Mohawk”.  All I could do is laugh and imagine what will be next…..


Jackie is certainly becoming a social butterfly.  This year I gave her an option to have her party at a pumpkin patch or inviting her closest “girlfriends” to Color Me Mine for a princess party.  She chose the Color Me Mine (that’s where you paint pre-made ceramics).  So, it was very cute watching her with six girlfriends, they all painted Tierra jewelry boxes. After when we were walking to the car, she looked at me and said “that was a fun party”!  This made me feel very good inside.


Work is great, perfect schedule for a family.  However, we physically work very hard and I’m wondering how long I’ll be able to do this?  Recently, I have been involved in our computer charting and really enjoy that side of things.



Ed’s Life Inside Stories 

My back surgery in March went very smoothly. As the year has gone by, I am very glad to have done it since I feel so much better. Having the ability to throw the balls at Max’s baseball practice is great! No pain makes Ed happy!


On the business side, Kodak did sell its Health Imaging division to a new company, Carestream Health, of which we, PracticeWorks, are a subsidiary. The standing joke around work is “who owns us this week?”. There has been little effect for me. Plenty of sales and work keeps me busy.


Overall I am happy and enjoying time with the kids. Michigan’s football year was not the greatest, but there’s always next year – especially with a new coach!


Chmiel’s News

We had a couple of nice vacations this year. One week we stayed in San Diego at a resort hotel. It was great having everything right there. The kids loved the pool. Since it was after the summer swim lessons, Mom and Dad could relax a little while the kids swam. Sea World (Shamu ROCKS!) was a lot of fun too. We rented a boat for a day, and let’s just say that’s the easiest way to enjoy boating!


Also we took a couple of camping weekends and discovered some nice places not too far away, like Mt. Palomar, Lake Cuyamuca and Big Bear. It was very cold in Big Bear but beautiful. Boating on the lake was fun too.


We went to Maine this fall. The colors were quite beautiful. We stayed at our friend’s lake house (photo below), which was located in a secluded lake setting about 1.5 hrs north of Portland. We enjoyed feasting on “lobstah” (only $6.99 a pound!), hiking around the lake, and the small towns. We went to Acadia National Park, which was quite spectacular. The photo on the card was taken near a working lighthouse in the park. Our California kids, who love any water, braved the chilly lake waters at the house, and even ventured into the cold Atlantic at a beach in the park.