Ped & Eggy’s TIMES

Volume 5 December 1999


Social Scene  

The New Year started out great, with good friends. My cheerleader friends from High School sat around talking about the Homecoming game we cheered in Nov. 98. Our high school invited us old folks back for some history.  We all had a blast!        

Ed and I hosted our Annual Easter Brunch. Speaking of Parties, Ed threw me a Birthday Party.  A lot of great friends and neighbors showed up.  This encouraged us to have a Halloween Party.  Ed was in charge of Special Effects. He rented a professional Fog machine; Laser lights and a black light.  But that still wasn’t enough, so he purchased a strobe light and a microphone.  We had a contest for the best skit and costume.  The skit that won was a priest and a pregnant nun.  I’m sure you get the picture.


Peggy’s Life Inside Stories 

 I hate to start out negative, but have you ever had weeks where nothing seems to go right? Briefly…………. 

 Tear down our kitchen Nov. 6th.  The termite company shows up to drill for termites.  They hit a hot water pipe and call a Plumber out who jacks up our kitchen floor.  We call our contractor who is installing our cabinets and he says there will be a delay, he can’t make it out until the week of Thanksgiving (three weeks later).  I go to do wash and the wash machine breaks.  I vacuum and the vacuum cleaner won’t suck.   Ed and I start putting together the kitchen cabinets and pieces are missing.  We call the store and find that the pieces are in Poland held up in customs.  Tile man shows up, takes two weeks to put on the counter tops.  We leave on our Thanksgiving trip (which was fantastic!).   Come home and my bags are lost (not Ed’s, mine!).  I had surgery scheduled so I head out to start my appointments and back up into a pole with Ed’s truck (ouch).  My medical insurance company now says they may not approve my surgery.  The next day I’m at work for a few hours and a gurney rolls over my toe.  I go to the emergency to have X-rays and the doctor looks at me and says I have pink eye and cancels my surgery and sends me home.

 All I have to say is thank goodness for the good things in life.  Briefly, the things that have been good are:

 Our Kitchen counters are perfect!  Our Home improvements are coming along and close to completion.

 Working at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Getting to be with Ed on his business trips. I got to participate in two conventions this year, one in Palm Springs and the other in Boston.  I enjoy establishing contacts and making the SALE.  I do see some potential opportunities for future employment.   

 Another thing that has gone right this year:  Ed and I took the summer off from the baby-making thing.  What a relief.  Basically, a few more test are needed then we are off to make babies the Super Scientific way, Invitro Fertilization.

 Lastly my insurance company approved my surgery. January 6th I will have a nodule in my Thyroid removed. I would appreciate all your prayers that day.  I am very confident in my Surgeon and the Anesthesia since I have practically hand picked them.  That is one benefit in the nursing profession.

 Hope to see you all soon.  Have a very merry Christmas and a great Millennium!

 Ed’s Life Inside Stories 

 Well, another slow year on the scuba and fishing side with all the baby making and home improvements.  But I did have darn good Labor Day catch of some really large yellowtail down off San Diego in Mexico. 

We did a lot of other fun things like visiting the Pelaccio’s in Colorado in February for our anniversary. We saw a world downhill ski race at Vail. Wished we had time to stay and ski! We also took a two week jaunt up to Northern California and Southern Oregon in March. We spent some time camping in the giant redwoods. Desolate, remote and spectacular are the words that come to mind. Stopped in Sonoma on the way down to pick up some great wine, and visiting the Olsen’s.

 Later, in June, we hauled the boat over to Lake Mead near Vegas with the Bredon’s. It was really hot, and we stayed cool in the water. Water ski’d until our arms fell off, and finished the trip with a couple of nights at Mandalay Bay. I think  it took about two hours to get the desert camping washed off! We were treated by Peg’s cousin to a pre-view of the new Paris casino before it opened.

 Thanksgiving found us in Ohio and Michigan visiting Aunt Eleanor and cousin Barbara and her daughters, and the Stempeck’s. The weather was great and we truly enjoyed our time with those parts of the Chmiel family. Oh yes, the photo on the card of Aunt Eleanor and me was taken in Dayton, but no direct relation to the owners of the store.

 We did make a few trips over to Catalina and did some nice diving. And, we nearly have the kitchen finished – the counters and sink are in!



Aunt Clara Mastre passed away this year. She was Ed’s mom’s sister. She will be greatly missed. Her lust for life and her sense of humor will always be with us all. Peg and I attended what was one of the most moving funerals we have ever been to.  We’ll miss you, Aunt Clara, but I know you are watching over us now!

 Peg’s Grandma Hawkins passed away.  She lived in Oklahoma and we will miss all the phone conversations with her sweet voice talking about the weather and the flowers in bloom in her garden.  We know she is in heaven talking with God about possible great grand babies.