The 2005 Rose Bowl

Well, it might have been the one year that it rained on the Rose Bowl. It hadn't since 1955. It was raining pretty good all the week before the game. As luck would have it (again!), the day was only cloudy with bits of sunshine here and there. Good temperature, and a good football kind of day.

Peg and I got rolling about 9:30 over the Sean's place where we would meet up with everyone and get over to the game. The mighty Suburban would serve as the bus and tailgate central at the game. The big hitch in the plan was that since there was so much rain, the golf course that surrounds the stadium was closed to parking, making parking an issue. Fortunately, an acquaintance of Sean's lives just over a mile from the stadium, so we al decided that the walk would do us good. Unfortunately for us, he lived south of the parade route, and we normally come in from the north, so we had to fight our way through the aftermath of the parade. But we found the house, parked, and had a mini-tailgate.

The walk to the stadium was great. We walked alongside the arroyo and it was a nice way up hills and under some of Pasadena's neatest old bridges. We came to the stadium near a group of M people and played a bit of Frisbee there before entering the stadium and getting seated.

The Texas fans seemed like a pretty good group, and they we anxious to play M for the first time. Well, it turned out to be quite a shootout of a game. Lots of scoring. As you may know we lost by only one point. Yet another Rose Bowl loss. I'm just glad we didn't play USC again. They were even better this year, taking the title easily, and we would have been crushed. The good news was that I felt our freshman quarterback looked quite good, and we'll see good improvement next year.

Well, Peg took quite a few photos, so here they are: