Helpful Hints

(Thanks to Ann Reeves!)

1. STORING PLASTIC BAGS:; Use those little Kleenex cube boxes to stuff your Safeway bags into. It holds about 25-30 bags. Seems like when you are out cruising you always need bags to hold the burnables, cans, etc.

2. STEAMY WINDOWS: Did you know that a drop or two of Joy on a damp cloth wiped over the inside of the window will keep away the steam/fog on the inside of your windows. If they are already steamed up, just take a dry cloth with a drop of Joy and wipe the windows. Really works.

3. CLEANING LOUVERS: If you go to the hardware store you can buy a paint pad with a handle (pad 2 x 3"). Dip it in your lemon oil, or whatever you use to clean and condition your teak louvers and it fits between the slats allowing you to clean in the corners and up in the hard to reach places. Saves about half the time.

4. STORING FRUIT AND VEGGIES: Have you tried those green veggie bags they sell up in Canada? Keeps your lettuce and stuff fresh for 2 or 3 weeks. PS Don't put your bananas in them. They stay yellow on the outside and get riper and riper on the inside.

5. NIGHT LIGHTS: I bought a couple of those 1.5 watt night lights - one for the head and one for our stateroom and one for the galley. When you get up at night you can see where you are going without turning on an overhead light. They are the kind that automatically come on when it gets dark so you don't have to remember to turn them on or off.

6. MUSTY SMELLS: Keep the boat smelling great even when you are not there with a couple of those Glade plug-ins. I use them in the RV too.

7. CANDLE LIGHT: For quick candlelight on the table or outside take a glass or goblet and just put in a votive candle. You can put a little sand in the bottom to keep the candle stable. The wind doesn't bother it if you are outside and it looks pretty.

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