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This was Knot Kidding - our  1983 42' CHB Heritage Trawler. She belonged to Ed and Peg Chmiel. It was sold in 2006.

New: Our Channel Islands Trip October 2001

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This photo was taken at the survey.
Taken at Cherry Cove, Catalina Island
Another Catalina Photo.
Is it bigger then the Queen Mary????

(No, but that is the Queen in the background!)


To see the boat ad as it appear in www.yachtworld.com (great site!), click here.
Note: We didn't keep the Jacuzzi! 


Here's a group I found that has lots of stuff related to CHB (Chung Hwa Boat) type trawlers:

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I have received more info from the mailings here than I can tell you. The advice and stories are great. Well worth getting on this group if you have any interest in the CHB line of boats.

Dave Walker has also put together quite a good reference. Here they are:

Got a 42' Present Sundeck? Well you have a great hull design, it is being resurrected as a Symbol 42 Motoryacht. Download the article here (25mby, pdf format).


CHB on egroups: Click here.

Fuel Efficiency:

Here's a simple way to calculate your GPH at any RPM. It came from a great article about how to calculate your GPH (gallons per hour). It's by Mike Carson and appeared in the April 1981 issue of Motor Boat and Sailing. But, I have condensed it down to the "meat" for those of you who just want to "get it done"! There is a link on that page to the full article if you want to get it in its entirety.

I did a rough calculation of Knot Kidding, click here to see the graph.. Actually, in practice, we average 4.5 - 5 GPH, including some generator use. Not bad!!!

Reference Materials:

Helpful Hints

Teak Swim Step

Cruising the Central Calif Coast

Lock Diagram

Deep Cycle Battery Info (pdf format)